The Gospel, God's Power for Salvation to Everyone Who Believes.

(Romans 1:16)

Unleashed is an annual campaign where the faith family of Bear Creek Baptist Church visions "to be a gospel-centered, disciple-making community for all people." We aim to see the gospel impact and change lives through 10 big vision initiatives over the coming years.


Here's a quick look at our vision for this multi-year campaign.





Year One of Unleashed 

We experienced God in some amazing ways in our first year of Unleashed. Take a moment and watch the following video.

Celebrating Unleashed in 2017!

One of the most surprising things God did in 2017 was the launch of our Bear Creek Counseling Center through our ministry partnership with STCH Family Ministries. With excellent gospel-centered professional counseling, we are seeing lives changed.

Launching the Bear Creek Counseling Center

Year Two of Unleashed

We are believing God to do even greater things in our second year of Unleashed in 2018. Take a moment and look through the following booklet.



Being a "gospel-centered, disciple-making community for all people" with a desire to see the gospel Unleashed requires faith and sacrficial generosity. The faith family of Bear Creek Baptist Church believes God will resource our vision. In a recent message, Pastor David asked us to believe the biblical promise that God is pleased and full of joy to resource our generosity.

 A Word from Pastor David


Please pray asking God to use you to Unleash the Gospel by:

  1. Believing in what God can do through you.
  2. Desiring for our church to be passionately Christ-centered and gospel-centered.
  3. Giving generously to the gospel of Christ.

After praying, help us Unleash the Gospel by making a commitment to give over and above your regular giving. The following information is intended to help you through a simple process of making a pledge for 2018.

Commitment Worksheet



Making a commitment is a step of faith. Its a moment in our lives where we choose to join the movement of God to see the gospel Unleashed. We encourage you to make your pledge now using the following online form. And thank you for being a part of Unleashing the Gospel!

Unleashed Commitment

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