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I had already decided my plan for 2017. My monthly giving would decrease due to the decline in economic growth.

So when the church presented the “Unleashed” campaign and the need for incremental giving, I was saddened because I assumed I wouldn’t be able to financially participate.

Pastor David introduced the church’s refined vision encased in the phrase, “Unleashing the Gospel.” I began thinking about what this meant. The word “unleash” is more than just “setting free” from restraint. The word carries power and authority. It is forceful and intense. It gets down to business. It’s serious about action.

Unleashing is to unshackle, liberate, unbind and uncage. It requires vigor, stamina, zeal and determination. It does whatever it takes to get the job done.

The gospel is God’s plan for humanity. It is God’s love in action. So how do we as individuals “unleash” this good news? Two thoughts come to mind.

  1. It will require financial support to implement new ministries.
  2. It will demand physical effort to accomplish each initiative.

So - how much can I give, and where can I serve?

After much prayer, God prompted me to do whatever it takes to support this campaign and make a financial commitment. I would find a way to cut expenses and give. Why? Because God is faithful! Always.

I am looking forward to “Unleashing the Gospel” in 2017! Join me in making a commitment?


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