The Puzzle Piece - Part 1

Posted by Candy Mclaughlin on

I walked into the service yesterday morning, minding my own business, ready to get lost in the music and the message. It had been a long week and I was ready to sit back and soak it all in. As I opened my bulletin, a puzzle piece fell into my lap. Strange – it was some shade of blue with May 7, 2017 written on the back. Curious, I looked in my bulletin to find out what the piece was for. I found nothing. Oh well, I imagine it’s something Pastor David will use as an illustration in his sermon. I refocused my attention to the platform waiting for the insight on the puzzle piece.

Maybe it’s like the golden ticket in Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory; there’s a winning piece that will entitle me to free drinks in Waterbrook (the church coffee shop) for the rest of my life?

Or maybe it has to do with the nature of the puzzle and how we all fit together?

Or could it be that the puzzle piece has its own meaning apart from the whole picture?

Or maybe it has to do with how we are all shaped differently for our role in sharing the gospel?

Or maybe the women who stuff the bulletin had a grandchild with them who was being entertained by playing with a puzzle and got bored and stuffed her puzzle into the finished bulletin?

Candy, stop and focus on the message. Pastor David was almost finished, so I knew an answer would be coming soon. Well, he just finished his message and prayed. I still don’t know what this piece is for. Here it comes, the moment I have been waiting for all morning. “And you received a puzzle piece this morning – it’s still a puzzle. –Come back May 7 for more details.”

Are you kidding me? That’s two weeks away! I am still stuck trying to figure this puzzle piece out. There should have been a warning today; coming to church is going to make me have to think. To look and see where God is working through this piece. Or to look at my life to see if there is something that God is asking me to do?

It’s not fair. I came to church looking for answers and left with a bunch of questions. And a blue puzzle piece.

Join us May 7 at Bear Creek Church as we find out the meaning of the blue puzzle piece.


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