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The Puzzle Piece – Part 3

Posted by Candy Mclaughlin on

At last – someone finally showed me the lid to the puzzle box with the picture! The picture is of God’s family here on earth, choosing to serve each other with the spiritual gifts, heart (passion), abilities, personality and experiences that God has given us. Each one of us has a...

The Puzzle Piece – Part 2

Posted by Candy Mclaughlin on

So, I walk into church this morning, knowing that I still have to wait another week to find out about the blue puzzle piece I received last week. However, I pass a couple of staff members and they are all in blue t-shirts with the question, “Are You the Missing Piece?” The bulletin...

The Puzzle Piece - Part 1

Posted by Candy Mclaughlin on

I walked into the service yesterday morning, minding my own business, ready to get lost in the music and the message. It had been a long week and I was ready to sit back and soak it all in. As I opened my bulletin, a puzzle piece fell into my lap. Strange – it was some shade of blue...

What's Your SHAPE?

Posted by Candy Mclaughlin on

Your first thought may be that it’s none of my business. And you would be right if the title of this blog was asking about your appearance. The SHAPE I am inquiring about is your inner shape. It is how God has equipped you to serve Him. When we ask a member of our faith family what...

The Ultimate Example

Posted by Candy Mclaughlin on

It’s my mother’s fault. I am a military brat, Air Force to be specific. We traveled all over the U.S., and so I didn’t attend the same schools or keep the same friends. What was a constant was watching my mom serve our country wherever Dad was stationed. She was the ultimate...

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